Is Flu Contageous? OR: Rather, Is Flu Virus ComputerRageous? (speak of road rage…)

If you’re intuitive & prepared to think outside the box, this may help you if you’re prone to frequent flu symptoms,  which may include:  migraine headaches, stomach aches, nausea, cold sores, oral sores, sore throat, sinus issues, stabbing eye pain & inflammation, dizziness, hangover symptoms, quickened metabolism, urinary infections, heavy bleeding, adult acne,  skin inflammation, and toothache. This is especially geared to sensitive people with Electromagneticriminallergies,  food allergies & intolerances due to autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia & MS, and who feel as if they’re becoming prematurely aged and dehydrated.
This blog is not intended for diabetics, nor anyone requiring boxed-in science.

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Every so often, the  media (as agents for Big Pharma) goes on nonsensical campaigns to publicize “potentially catastrophic” epidemics, such as flu or food poisoning. They “magnanimously” warn you to get your flu shots, or avoid green onions.

So here’s some dirty little secrets:

  1. Who says that most types of “contageous” flu or infection which the media publicize, are really caught contageously? Maybe those flu’s are in actuality already dormant inside many people, ready to be triggered at any given time by combined stressors of high-arginine (low lysine) meals, combined with prolonged proximity to phosphors of too-bright fluorescent lighting or computer backlights (which are agents of electromagneticriminallergy), combined with dehydrating air-conditioning, at various gala events? Or perhaps “flu” is evident  in areas where health food promoters subscribe stready diets of high-arginine meals with barely any caloric sweeteners and lysine foods, especially yogurt, cherries & dark berries to counterbalance the arginine foods? Emphasis: I do not mean saturated-fat lysine foods; rather i mean moderation.
  2. Did you know that onions are high in Arginine? And that a high-arginine diet can trigger Herpes Virus (cold sores)? So think about it:  Since a high-arginine diet (A.K.A. low-lysine diet) is known to trigger Herpes, why wouldn’t it also trigger  Flu viruses and/or other parasites (that are already inside you)? Why wouldn’t Low-lysine diets trigger your nerves, as well, causing headaches and stomachache? Who says the green onion scare of long ago was really food poisoning? Just because the media brainwashed everyone, after themselves being brainwashed by the unhealthcare system? Maybe the real factor, was that the green onions weren’t fried well enough to remove the irritating arginine? Perhaps the raw onions or raw garlic or raw-seasonings that are hidden in so-called health-food patties/fish/soups/salads/tofuDogs are actually triggering and replicating your internal virals? The same goes for the high-citrus levels in “natural” candies, such as Yummy Earth; maybe they’re worsening your headaches and sore throat?  The unhealthcare system never does divulge that citrus, and the Sulphuric-acid of RAW onions/garlic are even more acidic than vinegar on the PH scale.  So your best bet is to experiment for yourself INDEPENDENT of media; INDEPENDENT of nutritional hype.
  3. My main dirty little secret is: Have you noticed that many arginine foods are  “roughage” or “grainy” or “chalky” or  “acidic” and many lysine foods are “smooth”? Many acidic fruits are high arginine. (Acids are irritating). Many blood-thinning, pore-opening foods are high arginine. Spices and acids are blood thinners. Coumarin within cinnamon is blood-thinning, and can can trigger migraine headaches. Sodium is blood-thinning, and it triggers headache and  irritates skin (which is why I unofficially consider sodium arginine. Grapes and dark chalkolate are high arginine (note they have chalky elements that feel abrasive to the tongue. So if they can irritate your tongue, why would they not also trigger tiny, multi-named, viruses and parasites that are already inside you, causing them to replicate? Bright lights and other EMFs are blood-thinning, skin irritating, penetrating. For example, prolonged exposure in close proximity to computer fluorescense triggers viruses already dormant inside peopleand the viruses replicate. Which is why i unofficially call “extensive light exposure” argininine, too.

…Three T’s (Taste, Texture, Temperature)

Applying  simple common sense,  try balancing:

penetrating acids, chalkyish chalkolate/grapes, & abrading nuts/beans/whole-grains
…with: caloric, smooth, sticky “patching” foods, such as sweeteners, lysine foods, yellow oils

Does that mean high-fat cheeses?  NO! Consider that among the exceptions. Those will clog you to the point that you actually will require grape-arginine or chalkylate-arginine as roto rooter  (since their chalky texture qualifies as edible scouring powder!!

Does that mean gelatine? Consider gelatine also among the exceptions, since they say that’s very high in arginine, for example gummy bears… (but how can that be? Isn’t gelatine smooth? Well, maybe it’s one of those smooth substances that also have an irritant mixed into it, sorta the way grapes & pomegranates do.

Again I emphasize,  I’m NOT addressing diabetics, who already have built-in sugar & cholesterol. Rather, I’m addressing intuitive, sensitive, chronically-ill types who require a diet for proper balance, especially those prone to food intolerances due to autoimmune conditions.


  1. Avoiding prolonged exposure to computer fluoresence, bright lights & EMFs, especially if combined with toxic-chemical environment and cold/dehydrating air-conditioning
  2. Coffee in moderation at risk of heart & varicose issues IF it’s smooth, is anti-inflammatory (for example Colombian Arabica medium-dark, or dark roast). Should be taken with milk and caloric sweetener, such as waxy-organic honey, molasses, & xylitol.  Have you noticed, flu symptoms, and computer-user symptoms, mimic hangover symptoms. So – coffee is used for hangovers…
  3. as a cheaper alternative to headache wraps,  I sometimes put on my Lycra bathing cap, then tuck in frozen 3M rectangular-gel-packs beneath it, to rest against my forehead & temples. The Lycra keeps it in place.
  4. Probiotic yogurts is HIGHLY recommended. Also consider the following in moderation: Part-skim mozarella, 12% fat ice-creams…  (dairy is high lysine & btw, emulsifiers too)
  5. Black Cherry is healing, as is Elderberry(Sambucol), or Raspberry (concentrate, or else cherry-berry decaf tea). But: Note that cranberry, blueberry & pomegranate can be irritating due to being either too acidic or containing chalky element. As for tart cherry juice, i’ve not yet tested that.
  6. eggs (they’re high lysine & btw emulsifiers)
  7. yams & yogurt (or yams and mayo)
  8. avocado & mayonnaise on Unsalted soda crackers
  9. unsalted soda crackers; white corn… These are smooth, starchy (or creamy),  non-grainy, so I’ll unofficially label them Lysine. Interestingly, I find that popcorn is relaxing, perhaps because it has an even balance of the white-starchiness to the rough-grain??
  10. fish & poultry (high in lysine, though I find some of them irritating anyway, perhaps due to sodium content.
  11. For sore throat, mints in the form of mint-patties or mint fudge, may be less acidic than in the form of those icy-mint candies, or red/white stripe. Also check out Xylitol fruity-gum, especially cherry flavor. Also, Mike & Ike’s, or fruit slices, are less severely acidic than the many overly-tart sucking candies out there. For example, I’d like to rename “pomegranate pucker” to “pomegranate puffy-pain”.
  12. For computer room, I found myself a humidifer by typing “non-electric humidifier” into googleImages. It’s this blue, oblong basin, and I place it on floor, in front of my lower forced-air vent,  after putting a magnetic cover on the upper wall-vent, to redirect the air output to the lower one.
  13. i absolutely do NOT recommend this for others, even if it sometimes relieves me:  Smearing tiny dab of VapoRub on cheeks at side of nostrils; I even have occasionally rubbed  sensodyne toothpaste  or VapoRub on sores within my mouth.
  14. Do I dare utter the word “cannabis” for pain? What a pipedream in this police state!

I challenge anyone to find a high-lysine food which has a chalky-abrading element. Uh, they do say apples are high lysine, but I have my doubts about that assertion, with perhaps  exceptions such as Cortland & Fuji which are wonderful at unclogging foot pain, along with pomegranate & grape-yogurt. See, apples can be both chalky & acidic, thus triggering my dormant viruses. For the same reason, lemon-flavored cod-liver oil actually makes me sick! It’s also why those mouth-puckering Yummy Earth  candies make me sick. Not to mention all those raw onions hidden inside “health food” soups and patties!

Examples of Arginine vs. “Lesser” Arginine:

Whole wheat flour is high arginine
whereas White flour is silky (less arginine) – so perhaps smear whole-wheat bread with scrambled eggs, yogurt, or low-sodium chicken-salad, thereby offsetting the arginine of whole-grains with lysine

Flax seeds is high arginine
whereas Refined yellow flax oil  is less arginine than the seeds

Oats are high arginine (raw oats are rough, abrading)
whereas Quick oats made creamy with oil, water, sugar is less arginine

Chalk-olate is high arginine
whereas Milk-chalkolate has less arginine (due to milk & sugar)
…also choco-cake has less arginine (due to eggs,oil & sugar within)

Fruits are often arginine, but sweet cherries & berries are healing.
Fruit-yogurt has less arginine, since the yogurt balances the fruit with lysine

You may notice, some sites claim that fruits are usually high arginine, while others may say the opposite. Ridiculous, isn’t it?
which is why I stick mostly to the key questions: Is it smooth, even sticky, even starchy-smooth or bitterish-smooth? Rather than grainy-irritating, or chalky-irritating, or too-salty/spicy, or acidly-penetrating?

Computers & mice make us ill
Epoxies outgas like to kill
Strong phosphors so silent
They seem quite non violent
Yet prove worse than some poisoned pill

Electromagnetics are burning issues, stealthily burning bodily tissues
Chemicals, phosphors are churning issues, steadily churning sensitive tissues

Carpal tunnel are words that distract
Ergonomics detract from the fact
That epoxy & phosphor
emissions are dire
Just when will they clean up their act??

Electromagnetics are burning issues, stealthily burning bodily tissues
Chemicals, phosphors are churning issues, steadily churning sensitive tissues

Regards, lysine4flu a.k.a. lysination